If this sounds like your business, let's talk.

  • Have an innovative product or service that is beyond the “idea” phase.

  • Shows the potential to bring a product or service to market and generate sales within six months of joining the program.

  • Shows the potential to quickly create new, high wage, high impact jobs.

  • Has principal business operations in Richland or Lexington Counties of South Carolina.

What is business incubation?

We provide new and growing companies with space to work, education, mentoring, and a like minded community of peers.

Many startups fail within their first year. Our members and graduates are well positioned to build sustainable businesses.

How long do I "incubate"?

Most of our members graduate within 24 months. We want to see your business to grow and become sustainable outside the friendly confines of business incubation. Through regular checkins and goal setting, we help our members graduate when the time is right.

Ineligible Businesses

  • Retail or other high traffic types of businesses.

  • Franchises, subsidiaries, multi-level marketing.

  • Non-profit organizations